About the Firm

Shupack & Hardy, LLP offers over 35 years of combined legal experience specializing in banking and transactional real estate matters. Shupack & Hardy, LLP maintains office space 450 Seventh Avenue on the 13th Floor of a “Class A” office building in midtown Manhattan, conveniently located one block north of Penn Station.

The firm’s focus is dominated by legal representation of Institutional Lenders, Mortgage Brokerage Firms and Correspondent Lending Institutions. Through the years we have learned that the most important aspect of our role as ‘bank attorney” is the ability to facilitate each closing. This applies not only to making the deal simpler for our mortgage brokers and banks, but also for the purchaser/re-financer as the case may be. The financing path a borrower takes commences with the mortgage specialist and ends with the attorneys closing the deal. Ultimately, the final experience, “the closing” is what the borrower takes back. We are profoundly aware of this fact and understand the importance, to all parties, of keeping the client comfortable and happy.

Although New York City closings are not easy, especially for co-operatives, measures we take insure a painless experience. We have developed a proprietary database
management system which allows all members of our firm to quickly and easily draft all documentation required for these co-operative closings, including authentication
statements, Aztec recognition agreements, UCC filing statements and the like. Our database also permits each member of our firm to be aware of every note on every file from inception to closing. Without ever having seen a file, any member of our firm can pick up a deal anytime and immediately understand its complexities. In addition, by employing an attentive ten (10) person plus staff, including two receptionists, we are also able to provide constant availability to our clients.

Bank representation is a vocation that can easily become nameless, faceless and monotonous. We believe that having strong relationships with all parties is an absolute necessity and we strive to maintain the relationships we have forged with loan officers, coordinators and institutional lenders. To be able to integrate freely with our clients in a friendly environment makes each transaction easier and more pleasurable. Presently, we are approved to close loans for approximately forty lenders. With an ever changing real estate market and fluctuation of mortgage rates, we understand the importance of an extensive bank list and will continue to take measures to expand our current list as our clients’ needs grow.